Trentino with Children: What to Do

Trentino with children

If you’re traveling to Trentino with children, and wondering how to keep them entertained, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many activities to do with little ones that are fun and at the same time can help acquaint them with nature.

Here’s a look at what to do in Trentino with children.

Tips for Traveling to Trentino with Children


Trails in Trentino are so numerous it’s easy to find some that are suitable for children. In the beautiful countryside of the Val di Non, the flat, 8-km Ai Pradiei walk can be done even with strollers. Another easy and very pleasant one, Viale dei Sogni (Avenue of the Dreams), departs right from Pineta. Or you could opt for the ‘Al Meleto’ (To the Apple Orchard) walk, set amid apple orchards, with instructional panels about apples. Another really fun one that is sure to captivate children, ‘Il lavoro, le fate, le streghe,’ (Work, fairies, witches) has 21 wooden installations about fairy tales, animals and magical beings.


If your children like biking, try the cycling path of the Alta Val di Non, which winds among paved roads surrounded by meadows and fields, with beautiful views over the valley villages and the mountains in the distance. You don’t have to ride its entire 32-km length, but you can choose where to start; from Doss in Romeno to the Madonna Brusada in Fondo is the easiest stretch, and there’s even a playground for children.

Educational Farms

Visiting Trentino with children can also mean educating them to a closer relationship with nature and to a better understanding of natural cycles. Educational farms (‘fattorie didattiche’ in Italian) are real farms that welcome families to illustrate them how a farm is run, where the food we eat comes from, how animals live. There are more than 40 educational farms in Trentino, where children can see how milk is made, ride a horse, understand how apples are grown, and experience first-hand life on a farm.

educational farms Trentino


When visiting Trentino with children, lakes are an ideal destination for easy walking excursions. Lago di Tovel is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Trentino; in the winter, children can even ice skate on its surface. Nearby is the  Casa del Parco Lago Rosso, a museum dedicated to the Adamello-Brenta park and one of its most famous residents, the brown bear. From Passo Rolle, an easy trail takes to the Colbricon lakes in about 40 minutes. But perhaps the one activity children will love the most is a canoe excursion on the placid waters of the Santa Giustina Lake, the largest artificial lake in Trentino.


Did you know Trentino’s Val di Non is famous for its canyons? Two of them, the Novella and the Rio Sass, can be explored on foot and make for a thrilling family outing, as children will marvel at the roaring waters and vertical walls. When you visit the Rio Sass canyon, you can extend your walk to the Smeraldo lake, for an easy flat loop around its shores.

Trentino with kids


If you visit Trentino with children, consider castles: the region is dotted with many ancient fortifications; some have come up with children’s activities. Castel Thun, one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Italy, will fascinate with its decorated rooms and mysterious underground spaces. During high season, it organizes team contests and scavenger hunt clues. The recently reopened 12th-century Castel Valer organizes a special guided visit for families and a fun treasure hunt every Saturday morning.


Yes, even museums can be fun with children! The MUSE – Museo delle Scienze in Trento is a contemporary museum of science and natural history with high-tech, hands-on fun exhibits, with several activities designed especially for kids. For example, they are given a backpack complete with binoculars, travel journal, colorful pencils, and magnifier to move through the museum like a real explorer.

museums in Trentino

All the destinations suggested above can be easily reached from Pineta. Just ask the staff to help you plan your preferred activities.

For those days when you don’t want to go far, a children’s playground can be found right next to Pineta; two small lakes can be reached with a 20-minute walk through the woods; plus, Pineta caters to families with children, with a Baby Club available in summer and a special children’s menu at dinner.

Happy exploring with your children!

-Silvia Donati

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