Touring Trentino’s Most Beautiful Castles

castles in Trentino

Italy Castles: touring Trentino’s most beautiful Castles

When you travel around Trentino, you’ll spot many castles and fortresses, often placed in spectacular positions, perched on top of rocky spurs overlooking the verdant valleys below. The reason for the large number of historic castles in Trentino is due to the region’s strategic position between Germanic lands and Italian territory. Fortifications, guard towers and castles then served both the purpose of controlling the land and of providing noble residences for the most powerful local families.

A tour of Trentino’s most beautiful castles is a fun way to delve into the region’s history. You can visit many of the following castles as day trips from Pineta Hotel, or you can go on a road trip and spend two-three days gallivanting from one castle to the next; in this case, we suggest you follow the itinerary as presented below.

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Castel Thun (Thun Castle)

Overlooking the Non Valley from a hill covered in apple orchards, Castel Thun is a symbol of the valley, home until 1992 to the Thun family, one of the most powerful and prestigious of the local nobility. Renovated after the province of Trento purchased it, Castel Thun opened to the public in 2010 and has since experienced great popularity. It still retains original furnishings, precious art collections, an important library and an art gallery.

castles in Trentino

Castel Thun is open year round; only on weekends during the winter months. Closed on Mondays. More information at this link

*For the most active among you, Castel Thun can be reached by bike from Pineta Nature Resort, along beautiful panoramic trails passing woods, apple orchards and gorges.

Castel Toblino (Toblino Castle)

The most romantic castle of this itinerary! Located in the beautiful Valle dei Laghi (Valley of the Lakes) in south-western Trentino (to the south of Pineta), Castel Toblino is set in an enchanting position on the shores of the lake by the same name. Originally a pagan temple, as a Roman gravestone at the entrance suggests, the structure later acquired strategic importance and was long disputed among the lords of the area.

romantic castles in Trentino

Today, Castel Toblino houses a restaurant, where you can taste the local cuisine revisited with a creative twist.

The restaurant at Castel Toblino is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. More information at this link

Castel Stenico (Stenico Castle)

Looking austere and elegant, Castel Stenico dates to the 12th century. Just as it was placed in a strategic position at the time, exerting control of the territory to the west of Trento, it still boasts a strategic position for modern-day tourists, placed as it is between Lake Garda and the Dolomites.

beautiful castles in Trentino

A symbol of the power of the prince-bishops of Trento, who owned the castle for almost eight centuries, it was embellished and enlarged over time. Its rooms are elegantly decorated, with period furniture, weapons, ancient copper, iron and wooden utensils of everyday use from the Buonconsiglio Castle collections.

Castel Stenico is open year round; only on weekends during the winter months. Closed on Mondays. More information at this link

Riva del Garda

Take a break from castles to visit this lively town on the shores of Lake Garda; Riva del Garda is the lake’s northernmost resort, located at the southern edge of the Alps, near the Dolomites. A favorite of active travelers, with many opportunities for windsurfing, rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking, Riva del Garda also boasts a number of historic sights, the most interesting being the Rocca, once the fortress of the noble family of the Scaligeri, lords of Verona.

Castel Beseno – Beseno Castle

The largest fortified complex in Trentino, Castel Beseno looks impressive, standing guard of the Adige Valley from the summit of a hill, which it occupied entirely.

largest castles in Trentino

A collection of both original and faithful reproductions of weapons and armor is on display in the castle for everyone not just to look at, but to actually wear and try on – a hit with children!

Castel Beseno is open year round; only on weekends during the winter months. Closed on Mondays. More information at this link

Castello del Buonconsiglio – Buonconsiglio Castle

Our itinerary among the most beautiful castles in Trentino ends at the Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento, the region’s most important castle, the ancient residence of the Prince Bishops of Trento and a landmark of the city. Today, the castle, located in a slightly elevated position above town, houses a museum hosting important exhibitions.

visiting castles in Trentino

It comprises architectural and decorative elements from different eras: an older section known as Castelvecchio, and Torre Aquila, which features the Cycle of the Mesi frescoes, a masterpiece of Gothic art; a richly-decorated area known as Magno Palazzo dates to the Renaissance, while another wing of the building, the Giunta Albertiana, is Baroque.

Castello del Buonconsiglio is open year round; only on weekends during the winter months. Closed on Mondays. More information at this link

From Trento, it is only about an hour by train or car back to Pineta Hotel, where you can continue your Trentino vacation with the many activities on offer here: hiking, biking, spa bliss, cooking classes, and more!

*Please note: entrance at Castello del Buonconsiglio, Castel Beseno, Castello di Stenico, Castel Thun is free with the Trentino Guest Card, which all Pineta Hotels guests receive upon check-in.

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