Best Places to Visit in Trentino for Singles

lago di tovel

 Are you single and want to spend a fun, relaxing, unforgettable holiday in the marvelous setting of the Trentino Dolomites, near South Tyrol in Italy? Then Pineta Hotel is the perfect place for you! Located in beautiful Val di Non, the land of apples and mortandela, in the municipality of Predaia, Pineta comprises wonderful mountain […]

Europe’s Best Destinations: Northern Italy

Brenta Dolomites in Italy, Europe

 Best places to visit in Europe 2020: Dolomites Italy – Garda Lake As you start making your Europe travel plans for next year, consider northern Italy: a combination of gorgeous natural landscapes (hello, Dolomites), pristine lakes, historic castles, art cities and tasty culinary traditions, all in one destination. Read on for a round-up of the […]

Stories of Trentino Immigrants to the U.S.

Trentino immigrants to the U.S.

 The second half of the 19th century, and especially the decades between 1880 and 1920, saw a significant number of people migrating from Italy. The region of Trentino, which at the time wasn’t yet part of Italy but belonged to the Austro-Hungarian empire, was too involved in the process, with many Trentino immigrants opting to […]

Exploring the Brenta Dolomites

Brenta Dolomites

 “What incomparable variety of beauty! … Before the traveller’s eyes rise towers, horns, cupolas, columns, spires, crowded together in endless variety.” British mountaineer Douglas Freshfield upon seeing the Brenta Dolomites for the first time in 1875. The Brenta Dolomites: What & Where The westernmost group of the Unesco-inscribed Dolomite mountains, the spectacular Brenta Dolomites lie […]