Beauty price list: SPA and Beauty Farm


The Pineta Experience method is based on awareness and lifestyle improvement. A hectic life, alcohol, smoking, stress, insomnia, electromagnetic waves and an unhealthy diet put a strain on our bodies, releasing free radicals and often leading to premature ageing.

Pineta Experience: our mission

This is why the top wellness consultants we work with have created specific programmes with different objectives exclusively for our guests:

  • Stress relief
  • Purification and detoxification of the body
  • Slimming and toning
  • Antiaging for the face and body
  • Improved sleep quality

Internal rules: The treatments not cancelled within 24 hours notice will be charged at 50%. We suggest to arrive a few minutes early before the treatment’s start. Please inform our staff of any illness, allergy or pregnancy

Our beauty journey begins in the Spa and continues at home through the tips that are given to you during your stay in our Beauty Nature Spa.

All the cosmetic products we use originate from our territory, with certified organic, eco green, vegan friendly fragrances and active ingredients.

They are fragrance, petrolatum, paraben and allergen free – that’s our philosophy. The packaging is recyclable and has a low environmental impact. Everything reflects our love and respect for the environment, giving the best comfort and the most special pampering to our guests.

Win Win: you win, we win.

Our personalised consultation identifies the client’s specific needs and accompanies him/her through a stay with total well-being.

  • Duration: 20-30 min.                   
  • Worth:45€ Free for all

Welcome Face Treatment

Face – intensive+ consultation face 60 min.85€ reduced 40€

Welcome body

Brushing with body scrub Pineta Experience+ consultation body – 60 min. 95€ reduced 50€

Valley scents Intensive body treatments.

Pineta Nature Scrub

Relaxation in our Turkish steam bath Ritual performed directly in our cabin inside the spa. A pampering that involves brushing the entire body with our #PinetaBrush with a detoxifying effect and a gentle massage with our #PinetaExperience scrub. Relaxation in the Turkish steam bath allows you to deeply renew and detoxify your body. The revitalising shower at the end of the treatment restores a sense of lightness. 30 min. 40€

Body Detox

Perfect treatment to start any wellness journey. Welcome with full-body brushing, comprehensive treatment with our wonderful detoxifying hay scrub. Pleasant hay mud wrap, regenerating shower and massage with warm detoxifying oil. At the end of the treatment, a detoxifying herbal tea is served to conclude the treatment. 60 min. 80€ / 80 min. 105 €

Deep nourishment and cell renewal

 Deal for those who have very dry skin and need deep hydration. Welcome with brushing, smoothing full-body scrub, super-nourishing wrap with mask, revitalising shower, massage with nourishing butter for velvety skin and final pampering with organic herbal tea. 60 min. 80€/ 80 min. 105€


Suitable for those suffering from contractures, tensions, persistent pain (not in acute phase).

Neck massage

Welcome with brushing, application of glycerin extract, warm hay wrap on the neck, localised decontracting massage with arnica and detoxifying herbal tea. 45 min. 70€

Partial massage

Welcome with brushing, application of glycerin extract, warm hay wrap on the back or the legs or the abdomen, localised decontracting massage with arnica and detoxifying herbal tea. 50 min. 85€

Total body

Welcome with brushing, application of glycerin extract, warm hay wrap on the whole body, localised decontracting massage with arnica and detoxifying herbal tea. 60 min. 95€/ 80 min. 135€

Draining, anti- cellulite, firming

Welcome with total body brushing, specific serum for an aesthetic appearance, algae warps or bandages or mud wraps, intensive and draining massage with a specific product or pressure massage. 60 min. 80€

Regenerating and antioxidant

Treatment of the “Vitanova” network. Welcome with a full body scrub, natural mud wrap with strong antioxidant and regenerating powers. Shower and full-body massage with a specific cream. 80 min. 105 €

Combined bio- revitalising face and body treatment

Dedicated to those who want to regenerate completely in a single session with our #PinetaExperience.

Super-intensive facial treatment with specific products for your skin type and detoxifying body treatment with brushing, mud/ hay wrap and massage. Two hours of pure pleasure for an unparalleled feeling of total well-being. 120 min. 165€

 Facial treatments Advanced cosmetics



A facial pampering with our #PinetaExperience products: welcome cleansing and toning and a relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage with a cream with the scents of the valley. 30 min. 40€

Baby-junior Pineta (under 18)

Purifying treatment for young skin, including cleansing, exfoliation, skin purification and a specific rebalancing wrap. 50 min. 50€

Super intensive

Super-intensive treatment recommended for those who want to take care of their skin with specific products according to the individual skin type. Cupping, carried out by our beauty staff, will free your skin from impurities and toxins, deeply regenerating it.

The mask as a finish, together with the massage, will give you an intense feeling of freshness. Recommended before any other type of facial treatment. 60 min. 75€

Biodynamic face treatment

Supreme facial treatment with a plumping and lifting effect. Recommended for ages 40+, it is designed to stimulate and visibly reduce facial expression lines. This treatment has an innovative and sophisticated treatment protocol, which works deep into the tissues to regenerate them from within. 80 min. 95€

Premium face

Our best facial treatment regenerates the skin in depth, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and relaxes muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. Our best protocol to completely regenerate your face, giving you a result beyond all expectations. 110 min. 165€



Relaxing Pineta Plus

Our relaxing massage is one of the oldest treatments to relieve fatigue, pain and at the same time relax muscle stiffness. Thanks to the massage, the body is naturally led to produce endorphins, which in combination with the warm lights and background music balances the energy. 30 min. 45€/50 min. 70€

Decontracting Nordic

Spa welcome with detossination, hot roller and cupping on the back, decontracting massage with alpine arnica and a detox drink 50 min. 90€

Rebalancing Californian

It aims to achieve well-being of the body and a “rebalancing” between the physical and spiritual. The aim is to achieve a state of harmony between body and mind. 50 min. 70€

Abhyanga Holistic massage against insomnia

Essential treatment for well-being; it acts on the subject as a whole, body and psyche, with the aim of harmonising the doshas and eliminating physical and mental toxins. 60 min. 85€


It originates from the Abhyanga massage but treats specific areas of the scalp, face, neck and décolleté. 30 min. 45€

Revitalising Pinetasweda

Pineta Sweda, with alpine herb pinda, is an Ayurvedic treatment of Indian origin that is performed with boluses containing alpine herbs and essential oils, soaked in warm oil. This practice, which literally means ‘helping the body to sweat’, uses the beneficial action of heat, allowing the herbs contained in the bolus to release their active ingredients and act on the body, regenerating it. 50 min. 75€

Detoxifying and draining Resonance with cupping

Intensive massage with cupping at your choice of back, abdomen or legs.A specific technique that helps to remove many toxins and decisively unblock the body. Gives immediate lightness to the treated area. 40 min. 60 €

Customised 50 min

A massage tailored to meet the individual needs of the person, with the possibility of combining various techniques (decontracting, toning, draining, Thai, with Tibetan bells, holistic and energy manual techniques, …) according to the area to be treated and the specific needs.

In the SPA 90 € 50 min in the wood 100 €


Pineta Stone with hot and cold lava stones Hot stone massage. It involves the use of basalt stones of volcanic origin, with a smooth surface, capable of retaining heat and releasing it slowly. This type of natural massage works on various problems, bringing many benefits to both body and mind.

50 min. 70€/80 min. 100€

Premium 4-handed massage

The 4-hand massage is a special treatment involving the harmonic manual skills of two therapists who create a relaxing and continuous rhythmic flow. Through rhythm, time, balance and participation the body perceives a harmonious 50 min. 147 €


After the spa welcome, the treatment begins with a total body brushing to eliminate toxins. The massage is chosen by the client and tailored to his or her needs. Relaxation time with the scent of pinus cembra or hay ends with Chef Mattia’s pampering with a glass of organic apple cider.

50 min + 20 min. di relax our hut 112€

Massaggio Relax di coppia Deluxe

Rebirth PineThai

The thai massage is characterised by the pressure, stretching and elongation, which are combined with yoga techniques. The manipulations aim to provide both physical and mental benefits.

From June to September you can experience it in our forest, surrounded by the scents of nature.

  • 50 min in the SPA 84€
  • 50 min in the Wood 94 €

A plunge in the cradle.

When stress and insomnia are just a bad memory. Our cradle is a wellness treatment that allows you to completely relax your body by floating in a float pod, in a foetal position without contact with water, with numerous benefits at muscular, vertebral, circulatory and nervous levels. Treatment in the float pod takes you back to the prenatal state, into the protective womb.

The state of relaxation, the water pressure and the constant temperature allow for maximum absorption of the treatment elements from scrubs and wraps.

The most extraordinary benefit of the float pod is related to relaxation: one hour of sleep in the tub is comparable to 8 hours in a normal bed!

You have to try it!


Body in the float pod

  • Brushing with body scrub Pineta Experience 40 min. 50€
  • Brushing with draining algae and appliance of cream afterwards 40 min. 50€
  • Mud-hay or thyme and mugo pine and appliance of cream afterwards 40 min. 50€
  • Vitanova with cream afterwards 40 min 50 €
  • Chocolate wrap 40 min. 50€
  • Body treatment with local ingredients 40 min 45€ Organic wrap with local ingredients: we combine the pulp of our best seasonal fruit with secret ingredients to create your own personalised body treatment. Ask at the reception for the proposal of the week.

Pineta Experience in Love

Pampering for couples

  • Relax in private room 40€ Massage oils, snacks and bubbles.
  • Hay & pampering treatment 60 min. 130€ Body scrub in the couple’s cabin (30 min.) and 30 min. hay relaxation with body butters to spread, snack from Chef Mattia and soft drink or a glass of bubbly
  • Pampering for mother and child 45 min. 110€ For mothers and daughters/son. Massage and snack from our chef.
  • Pineta LOVE 50 min. + 10 min. relax 150 € Relaxing couple’s massage for those who wish to share the pleasure of a pampering in the same cabin, in a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. At the end of the treatment, a snack from Chef Mattia is served with a soft drink or a glass of bubbly.
  • Pineta LOVE Deluxe 60 min. + 30 min. relax 247€ For those who want to surprise their sweetheart with the most beautiful of our treatments. Detoxification with a welcome from the spa, choice of hot roller or hot pads on the back, massage and personalisation from all our massage proposals, relaxation in the private room with a choice of pine or hay scent with a bottle of DOC sparkling wine or non- alcoholic drink, snacks from chef Mattia from our kitchen.
Relax in Malga al fieno-massaggio-coppia
Private SPA Pineta Nature SPA

Private room

  • Relax 1 Relaxation in a hut with pine or hay scent 30 min. 5€ per person
  • Relax 2 Relaxation in a hut with pine or hay scent and a snack 30 min. 10€ per person
  • Relax 3 Relaxation in the alpine hut with pine or hay scent, the Pineta Experience, nourishing face and body butter, snacks from the kitchen and organic apple juice/sparkling wine 30 min. 20€ per person
La nostra Baita del fieno dove potrai rilassarti in un bagno di fieno caldo
La nostra Baita del fieno dove potrai rilassarti in un bagno di fieno caldo

Beauty Treatment

  • Feet relaxation scrub, wrap and massage with finger pressure 40 min. 50€
  • Pedicure with peeling and massage 60 min. 50€ + nail polish 5€
  • Manicure with peeling  45 min. 35€ + nail polish 5€


  • Upper lip and eyebrows 5€
  • Small areas armpits, bikini line, belly button, complete face 12€
  • Medium areas lower leg, thigh, arms, chest, back 25€
  • Complete leg 35€

We wish you a good relaxation!

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