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History and family: History and family: an hotel made of plain people

We have created for you a Resort in our mountains, small but welcoming, with family management.
Three generations of the Sicher family have chosen to dedicate themselves to this job, to this hotel, to this territory with passion and enthusiasm.
The welcoming atmosphere is in the air and you will smell it from the beginning.
We will take care of you and you will feel cuddled and quiet.

Being a hotel means not to fall short of the guests expectations, for who wants a natural accommodation managed by plain people.

Family and history for a unique and successful result.

  • Presentation of our Family

    Hotel Val di Non - la famiglia Sicher


    Our Grandmother and The origin of all. she has dedicated his life to the children, grandchildren and to the hotel's services and its customers. the Pineta Hotel owes to her much. She is also the teacher of the famous apple strudel, one of the top 10 recipes of our hotel. you can still delight this typical product because she passed her passion to her grandchildren.


    Firstborn, in the Sicher family, is charismatic and an unforgettable character. Our chef spent a lot of time cooking and looking for new recipes for you! A chef inspired and talented. You cannot  miss an evening tasting wine in his cellar ...You’ll have a great time!


    Bruno’s wife from 30 years she is a tireless help and support. A Discreet woman who love smile to everybody. She has always worked with passion in the kitchen to prepare delicious desserts to delight you from breakfast at 'gala dinner!


    Bruno and Bianca’s son is a point of reference for the staff. Sporty and always at your service you will find him in every corner of the hotel, from reception to the bar ... It will be your guide in the Nordic Walking, will be a good challenger to play tennis and will be the man always ready to answer to your questions. from your arrival to your departure you can benefit of his best gift, courtesy and availability.


    second brother of the family is the master of the reception. He will always be at your service. Don’t’ be scared or  intimidate from his glasses on his nose, because he is an incorrigible joker with a good sense of humor!


    Every day she wake up your senses with a rich and a tasty breakfast. Mario's wife, mother of Stefania, Francesca, Andreas and grandmother of Maddalena and Camilla! from the early morning hours...she will cuddle you and your children!!


    You’ll meet her sometimes in the green of our garden with her smile on her sunny face. She is the mother of Maddalena and Camilla. For a long time she worked at the hotel, but now she used to sped her time in her job as educator and with her family.


    Princess of your wellbeing and relaxation is the expert of the treatments offered by our center Hedonè. she will advise you with the best treatment... put yourself in his hands and you will not regret it!


    A Joker and funny person who is an important force in our restaurant. He is our maitre and wine expert. We will accompany you to discover the richness of our cuisine and the flavors of our land.


    Andreas’s Wife is the right arm of mario. With her ​​smile and her kindness is the calling card of the Pineta Hotels. Will welcome you upon your check-in and with her you will discover every corner of our resort.


    Elda one of the Elsa’s daughter and mother of Emilia and the cleanliness of the reigning order. With its fairy hands is a tireless worker, always discreet and friendly with our customers, ensures that all our rooms are clean and comfortable.


    Emblematic character of our hotel…Emilia is the sister, the cousin and the friend for all our staff. Loyal to her position she is the assistant of the chef. She works with joy without counting the time.


    A Real encyclopedia of our territory, Livio is the youngest of the three brothers. He used to organize the excursions offered by the hotel. He will enchant your thirst of knowledge in every topic. He knows the world of the agriculture, the nature, the history of our valley. It 's also an expert of the grappa. He will cheer up your evenings at the bar with all the fabulous stories of a past life ... do not hesitate to ask some secret!


    Master of the numbers and the counts of the hotel she is Livio’s wife and mother of Elisa, Mattia and Michele. You can always find her at the Reception. She is energetic, dynamic and always efficient to ensure the welfare of your stay.


    A real sicher, Elisa has inherited from his father his fluency to communicate and share his emotions. Degree in business administration, she help in each department with her advices. Always smiling, this tiny little lady knows what she wants!


    In the footsteps of his uncle Bruno and following the advice of the expert he became, in a few years, the right arm of our Chef. He made many experiences around the world, which help him to enrich our new kitchen secrets. Discreet and a little mysterious ... will surprise you by his gentleness and the sophistication of his cuisine.


    The kid of the family almost become a man. Active and carefree, you will find this incorrigible joker in the green spaces of  the hotel or in the surrounding forests, playing football or discover life with his friends and companions of adventure!


  • Pineta Hotels History

    Hotel Val di Non - Storia del Pineta Hotels1953. The birth of the Sicher family business as a food market, eating house, bar

    1962. They build the first two rooms in order to be rent for summer holidays, mainly for 20 days stay during August.

    1968. Other 4 rooms are added with the same features, sharing toilet and sink in the room.

    1971. First redevelopment with the restaurant expansion from 20 to 70 people capacity, increase of the number of rooms from 6 to 12 with toilet in each room. A new living room for guests entertainment is built with 60 seats. The hotel capacity is now of 30 people.

    1977. Enlargement  of the kitchen.

    1980. Enlargement of the mansard, building other 4 rooms with toilets that can host 7 guests.

    1981. A big renovation: building of two new structures next to the hotel called Wald and Klein Garni, linked with an underground parking garage for 16 car parks. In the Wald Garni sleeping accommodation for 25 beds divided in 13 rooms with toilets and breakfast room, reading room; in the Klein Garni sleeping accommodation for 25 beds divided in 14 rooms with toilets and breakfast room, reading room. At this moment the total capacity is 87 beds.

    1988. Renovation of the Pineta Hotels main structure: elevator, kitchen enlargement, services area, storage, owner apartment and addition of 9 bedrooms. The capacity is now 95 beds and the star rate changes from 2 to 3.

    1996. The new sports ground all-purpose, for soccer, tennis and basket ball, and two bowling greens

    1999. Enlargement and renovation of Hotel Pineta, demolition of part of the old structure adding new bedrooms. The capacity is now 103 beds.

    2003. Planning of the new project for a new Hotel Village creation with wood Chalet

    2004. On September: development and implementation of the new structure: 3 Chalets with 24 beds total and a 1200 square metre wellness area

    2005. On July: new Pineta Hotels opening with an original and innovative formula. The capacity is now 127 beds.

    2010. The birth of the chalet in the woods. Restoring the historic house “wald”  we gave birth to a new structure in harmony with the environment and especially following the green building standards. That is how the new suite, white flower, arnica, Heart flower and Gentian born.

    2011. Come the new rooms of the Pineta house! As long promised, the rooms of the house were renovated creating new solutions: Cardo Rooms, Edelweiss Junior Suite and Suite Rhododendron. The new rooms are in solid wood, decorated in Tyrolean style, spacious and comfortable, suitable for those who want to treat yourself to relaxation and intimacy.

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History and family: an hotel made of plain people

Famiglia Sicher: gestori del Pineta Hotels
Famiglia Sicher: gestori del Pineta Hotels
Fam. Sicher gestori del Pineta Hotels in Val di Non
Famiglia Sicher hotel in Val di Non
Pineta Hotels: hotel in Val di Non gestito dalla famiglia Sicher
Hotel Val di Non - Storia del Pineta Hotels

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