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Ecolabel: staying in an Ecolabel Hotel means respecting the environment

Pineta Hotels is the first Ecolabel Hotel in Trentino Alto Adige which is able to offer you an original and regenerative vacation in the name of respect the environment.
Ecolabel is a European ecological quality label that was born in 1992 with the purpose to promote products and services with a low impact on the environment. We are trying to orientate our guests to intelligent consumer choices for our future. 

Ecolabel Pineta Hotel chose to preserve its territory through little daily gestures, because we think that: “What we do is just a drop in the ocean…but whit out that drop, the ocean wouldn’t exist”.
Without bother your comfort, we follow some guidelines in order to minimize the environmental impact, trying to make aware the guests of a “green approach”.

Here some solutions we use to be a real Ecolabel Hotel:

  • Implementation of the bio-philosophy

    - About our environmental policy we give a particular attention in informing all our employees to create a efficient team and to share the bio –philosophy.
    - We would like to make aware our guests about reaching  some green goals through the respect of internal rules of the Resort and the active participation to environmental policies.
    - The implementation of bio-philosophy  through the separate refuse collection for recycling in our ecologic Island located in front of the reception.
    - Energy and water conservation.  
  • The use of products friends of the enviroment

    - Recyclable and biodegradable materials (paper, cardboard and plastic label)
    - Alternative cleaners which have the less possible environmental impact, in line with the hygiene requirements related to our business
    - Products for personal hygiene, such as shampoos and shower gels, and for food use, such as jams and butter, in packs and not in single-dose, but rechargeable
    - The use of organic and local products.
  • The use of renewable energy and low environmental impact buildings

    - Solar panels realization in order to produce about the 15% of the warm water used in our Resort.
    - The biomass hot-water heater (using wood as renewable energy resource in order to reduce the atmosphere emissions) supports our local nature because it requires sawdust from wood carving
    - Accommodation in alpine chalets realized with bio-architecture
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staying in an Ecolabel Hotel means respecting the environment

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