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Treatments with the mountain's hay


wellness path with the mountain's hay suitable for who has  muscle tension and stiffness, cellulitis and localized fat, stagnant lymphatic, skin blemishes and impurities, nervous tension.

Treatments with the mountain's hay

22/12/2011 31/12/2015

Detoxifying treatment 80 minutes € 90
The wonderful properties contained in herbs that make up the hay and the hay nettle and dandelion oil is the ideal combination to help the organic detoxification and decongest the tissue.

  • An Hay and beeswax body scrub
  • A Body Brushing
  • An Application of mud clay hay
  • A detoxifying hay, dandelion and nettle Oil massage

An advice on the product to use at home
  • Detoxifying Hay Pearls
  • Clay and hay mud

Firming treatment 80 minutes € 85
exceptional and unique formulation, indicated to prevent and combat loss of tone and sagging, it is suitable for hypotonic and relaxed skin, which need a targeted treatment.

  • A hay and butters body scrub.
  • A Body Brushing
  • A Sweet firming Touch with extracts of Lemon and blackberry hay
  • An Hot pulverized hay wrap
  • A Massage with firming cream of hay and sweet almond

An advice on the product to use at home
  • Firming cream 200 ml
  • Hay extract with a firming and bracing effect 100 ml
  • Firming and bracing pearl

Cellulitis treatment 70 minutes € 75

Carefully selected by the best cosmetology the combination between the properties of the hay, the shea butter and the Indian pennywort, reduce and combat blemishes typical of cellulite and fatty deposit.
Moreover, the extracts of guarana, ruscus and lemon create a draining and stimulating effect in the microcirculation, and the skin will be more elastic and firm.

  • A legs and kidney area brushing
  • A sweet touch with hay extract, ivy and Centella asiatica
  • A Hay lot application on the cellulitis area
  • A body massage with Gotu Kola and hay cream

An advice on the product to use at home:
  • Retrieved Hay Modelling
  • Sculpting Cellulitis Cream
  • Intensive and modeling Cellulitis Serum
  • Reshaping Cellulitis Pearl of hay



Snelling legs treatment 70 minutes € 85.00
A treatment based on the properties of the hay, blackberry and red vine to donate welfare and relief in the legs, giving a pleasant sensation of freshness. Suitable for problems of swelling, heaviness and poor circulation.

  • A Kidney area brushing
  • A Sweet touch with extracts of hay glycol and glycerine
  • An Hot hay bag on the kidney area
  • A Legs Brushing
  • A Slimming sweet touch with extract of horse chestnut and butcher's broom straw
  • A Fresh Bandage or hay ground
  • A massage with slimming cream of hay-cranberry and red vine

An advice on the product to use at home:
  • Slimming cream
  • Slimming hay extract
  • Retrieved Capilven
  • Intensive Serum for swelling and heavy legs

Slimming abdominal treatment 35 minutes € 35.00
This treatment based on hay, chamomile, lemon balm and lavender is effective for the persons who suffer from bloating. The mixture of those Herbs plays a relaxing, refreshing and slimming action.

  • A Sweet touch with hay and lemon balm extracts
  • An application of the hot bag
  • A slimming massage with hay extract cream

An advice on the product to use at home:
  • Hay bag with a slimming effect on the abdominal area
  • Clay mud pack of hay
  • Hay oil exctract with a relaxing effect 200 ml

Back or neck relaxing treatment Circa 65 minutes € 65.00
Thanks to the herbs as arnica, St. John's wort and marjoram, which the hay is made, this treatment is suitable for people who suffer of muscle tension and stress factors. Is applying a hot bag on the back or the neck. The hot will work on the muscle with a relaxing action. After there is an oil application to cool down the muscle. Let yourself disvore the flavours of the mountain.

  • 1 back brushing
  • 1 Sweet touch with arnica, St. John's wort, marjoram extracts
  • 1 application of the hot bag on the back or the neck
  • 1 muscle rilassant massage with hot oil

An advice on the product to use at home:
  • Anti-fatigue oil extract
  • Hobe Dol hay pearl
Relaxing and regenerative body treatment 90 minutes € 115.00
Consist of an application of hay bag on all the body. Skin, muscle, respiratory tract and lymphatic system will find immediate benefit.

  • A Hay and butters body scrub
  • A Body brushing
  • A Relaxing muscle sweet touch
  • An Application of the hay bag on all the body
  • A Relaxing massage with hot oil

An advice on the product to use at home:
  • Relaxing hay extract
  • Hobe Dol hay pearl
  • Relaxing hay pearl

Hay Bath in the cradle Thermo 30 minutes € 44.00

Applications of warm hay in fermentation to stimulate sweating even in the hours following the treatment. The hay becomes a true gift of nature.


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