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Rock climbing Gym in Val di Non

In Trentino there are a lot of climbing gym.  One is the natural gym in Arco, the birthplace of sport climbing (in the Alto Garda area) where every summer there is the “Rock Master”. Every valley here offer a climbing wall according to your ability. Many of the 150 Alpine Guides are specialized in teaching the climbing sport and perfecting courses and internships are organized during the summer by many schools.

Rock climbing Gym in Val di Non

27/09/2013 31/12/2016

The Trentino Alto Adige is a beautiful place for all the climbers.

Here there are the principal climbing walls in our valley.
The first two are accessible with a nice walk!

San Romedio
Between all stands for comfort and the spectacular the San Romedio cliffs of which was recently completed and is a 10-minute walk away. Is near the Sanctuary of St. Romedio along the road that leads to Tavon.

Sanzeno’s Canyon

Natural rock gym, that is situated along the road that starts in Sanzeno and goes to San Romedio. Follow the signs leading to the canyon of Sanzeno.


Cliff located near the village “Fondo” in the Non valley TN. When you reach Fondo (25 min. from our Resort) you have to follow the signs to Smeraldo lake; cross the lake, the ice rink and you could park in the little square on the right (about 10 car parks). Walk past the park, up to the sign that indicates the gym. When you reach the path there is a board where you can find all the information.


The natural rock gym in Malosco, is about 20 minutes walking from Fondo or Malosco this place is dedicated at the memory of the great mountaineer Marino Stenoco. It offers climbing routes with difficulty from the first to the fourth grade.

Info. Ivan Antiga tel 339/5073261


natural rock gym in Tuenno. Info. Massimiliano tel 0463/600312.

Tovel Valley
Natural rock gym, is situated in Tovel valley along the street to Flavona hut.

Info. Massimiliano tel 0463/600312.

Natural rock indoor gym, is situated at the Tennis Hall in Cavareno

Info. Tennis Halle Cavareno tel 0463/830155

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