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Blackcurrants cosmetic line

The rare Blackcurrants berry are grown and harvested by the farmers of the cooperative Sant’Orsola, which is in Pergine. For this reason, this little fruit arrive fresh and pure to the bio-cosmetic company, which make, just for the Vita Nova hotels, the exclusive Blackcurrants cosmetic line. .

Blackcurrants cosmetic line

18/12/2011 31/12/2015

Old and secret beauty recipes, based on mountain plants full of live nutrients combine to the most sophisticated technology of modern bio-cosmetics produce a natural line of products effective and sensitive to nourish and tone the skin, restoring tone and softness. Discover this little berry trying our treatment will take you in a relaxing path to forget the daily life

Blackcurrants face treatment 
Soothing and moisturizing treatment based on extracts of blackcurrants which can reactivate micro-circulation of the face and ensure effective anti - aging.
Is made with special cosmetic products wich rispect the physiology of the skin and the natural fragrances that evoke the feelings related to our beautiful area: Trentino.
60 minutes € 60


Blackcurrants hand and face treatment
Oxygenating and soothing facial treatment based on extracts of Blackcurrant and capable of  reactivate the micro-circulation and ensure an effect anti-aging.
Ideal for those who want to combine an effective treatment for face with lightly moisturized and smooth hands.
60 minutes € 65


Blackcurrant body “Metodica”
A treatment which provides a body scrub and a full body massage with regenerating and vasoprotective properties of the blackcurrant. Give new light to the skin and a deep relaxation to the body thanks to the special relaxing and extensional points which are on the feet, hands, abdomen and ears. Ideal to restore tone and vitality to the whole body.
80 minutes € 80


Blackcurrant hand and face multisensory treatment
A complete relaxing and nutrient treatment which stimulat all the five senses through music, fragrances and dexterity that allow you to experience the essence of the Trentino.
140 minutes € 140


Blackcurrant Bath in the cradle Thermo

The active ingredients of currant ensure activities for regenerating and protecting the skin. The scent will activate your senses and your skin will be deeply nourished.

25 minutes € 45

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