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Food: Trentino typical Inn

The hotel development has been growing in strong relationship with the restaurant evolution. The Chef Bruno, the first-born of the family, his wife Bianca and the young nephew Mattia are the expert of the Sicher cuisine. The menu proposed are creative and prepared with local products and with a lot of passion for a gastronomic tradition. The “strudel” is the speciality of grandmother Elsa…and you can’t come back without tasting it!!

Since 2003 the restaurant has the “Slow Food” and “Trentino typical Inn” labels. 

  • Trentino typical Inn

    It’s not easy to find a restaurant where the Chef dedicates his time producing “Mortandela”, typical cold cut of Non’s valley and Slow Food presidium, smoking speck, meat cutting and processing, vegetables growing and red wine production.
    Sometimes it happens that, after dinner, our Chef Bruno opens his personal wine cellar to the guests for a typical soireé tasting his home made product like red wine, cold cuts, symbols of an old local tradition.

  • Andreas wine cellar

    When we read that our wine cellar is appreciated by “Slow Food” and “Trentino typical Inn” labels, we have to talk about this spectacular nectar…

    How not to talk about wine, when our Chef produces it in his private cellar and our wine steward Andreas has met a lot of local wine producers in the last years and talk about them in these terms:
    “My passion for wine was born meeting wine producers and reading specialized magazines. I’ve understood from which these admirable people are motivated…often it’s a challenge started as a play, but most of the times it’s something more: desire to do something unique that everyone can experience and keep in mind as an indelible sign “

    This is our philosophy and this is what we want you to live!

  • Tasting

    In the Bruno cellar, the tastings are particular moments, intimate and precious which enchant both connoisseurs and curious. The atmosphere is familiar, the perfumes and the  flavours of the products are real.
    The “mortandele” prepared and smoked by Bruno, his home made red wine, the variety of cold cuts and cheese are some of the local flavours that we would like to let you taste.

    Typical tasting menu

    As a starter a little welcome from the chef…

    Barley soup
    Apple syrup

    First suggested course…
    Potatoes dumplings sautéed with smoked bacon and braised green onions

    The most typical dish of our valley..
    Potatoes fritters with Mortandela and speck from our cellar
    A variety of local cheese Slow Food presidium like
    Vezzena, Casolet, Puzzone, Trentino D.o.p. Grana, Spressa
    Chicory with aromatic apple vinegar

    And to end on a high note…
    Strudel with Melinda D.o.p. Renette apples with vanilla cream

  • Ceremonies, parties and requests

    Since 1953 Pineta Hotels has been organizing celebrations and parties to make moments of your life special. The restaurant has a capacity of 130 seats, and the tavern can host a maximum of 90 seats.
    We will answer to your requests with menu proposals proper for you. We adopt the same care to plan events like banqueting, dinners, aperitifs, birthday parties, business meetings, theme soireés, tasting dinners…all these events will be prepared with the same love and care for the details that characterise us and that make our events management special.

    Your party, your special moment, your guests and our expertise…they will be the ingredients of the success!!
    Contact us for asking availability!

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