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Beauty : Relaxing massage? It’s just the beginning…

Beauty farm…Trentino…two opportunities to exploit starting with a nice relaxing massage.
Our Beauty Farm offers natural treatments, it’s the wellness core of our Resort.
We care to highlight that the methodologies and the cosmetic products are from the territory and from the surrounding nature.

Our Beauty Farm staff is composed by a beauticians and masseurs team, they are always looking for innovative products and methods to suggest you, like treatments with home-made cosmetics, apple, elder, honey, and herbal bath and personalized massages.

Trentino Beauty Farm, welcome to Pineta Hotels. 

  • Treatments

    Body and visage multi sense treatments
    From our beauticians expertise and professional cosmetic tradition of Matis, we suggest some targeted treatments to exalt your natural beauty and correct some little beauty flaws through body and visage cosmetics created just for you.
    Himalaya salts peeling, rose petals bath, seaweed packs, facial cleaning, anti age treatments, scrub, moisturising and purifying masks…you are spoilt for choice…without renouncing to exclusive products quality and our experts professionalism.

    Special Hedoné treatments with apples and Ribes Nigrum.

    Thanks to Val di Non’s apples and Trentino’s Ribes Nigrum, we thought to propose some paths with these ingredients that offer immediately extraordinary effects on the skin. Toning up, decongestant and rejuvenate effects from the apple products; moisturizing, smoothing and stimulating effect from the Ribes Nigrum.
    This is the best our nature offers: a variety of specific products with exclusive features. Even mind and soul will take delight.

  • Massages

    Basic massages

    The definition “basic massages” risks to be reductive. The choice is really wild in order to offer tailor made solutions for every needs: legs, cervical, neck, back, scalp.
    The right atmosphere is created by a mix of light, music and perfumes.
    Suffused lights, chromo-therapy, candle light, plays of light, soft music and sounds of the nature, aroma – therapy, fruit and flowers perfumes, incense, essences, perfumed steam and showers will give you an unforgettable experience.

    Special Hedoné massages

    Which is the best way to explain a special Hedoné massage? If you can’t experience it we will try to describe it…Hot stones massage, for example, is a 80 minutes massage, from the ancient Polynesian tradition and it’s perfect for people who want to dedicate an absolute wellness moment just for themselves.
    The massage with the stones formed by lava and heated in warm water gives important benefits to the entire body, from the blood flow to the muscles and up to the skin
    And this is one among the variety we offer…

  • Ayurveda Philosophy

    Ayurveda is not just a science, but it’s also a philosophy which represents completely our concept of Nature Spa, because it considers that the treatments can extend the perception to all the aspects of life. That’s why we have decided to add Ayurveda massage among our offers!
  • Bath in the Thermo Spa Cuddle

    Bath in the Thermo Spa Cuddle is a 30 minute treatment for people who want to be cuddled and wrapped in a warm embrace with perfumed butters, body lotion which moisturize the skin, but even for people who want to relieve muscle contracture through the lenitive power of peat, hay and mud. This particular couch full of 38° water is covered by a cling film that wraps you, keeping the balance between the body and water temperature thanks to the pressure but without a direct contact. With this system your skin will absorb all the nourishments.
  • Cosmetics line

    In  the beauty treatment offer, you will find lots of proposals with products of the French cosmetic label Matis. Famous all over the world, Matis has been putting its expertise at the service of the beauty for more than 25 years.
    We chose this cosmetic line because it excels in professional treatment of beauty: the products, the methods are unique thanks to the innovative approach to protect the skin from the damages caused by modern life.
    Matis offers products with innovative formulas and an extraordinary active ingredients, unique texture and tested in laboratory, with natural ingredients

  • Day SPA Hedoné – External Guest

    In order to make the health care and the personal wellness a daily routine, we think about external clients as well. The access to sauna world and the reservation of beauty treatment are available for everyone!!
    You could enjoy few hours in the pools and sauna zone, cuddle yourself with a Melhedonè massage or spend an entire day, One Day Spa, which includes the entrance from 10.00 a.m. until 8.00 p.m. with light lunch, tea break with home-made cakes, a nice bower for sipping delicious herbal teas and tasting fresh fruit and towel rental.
    It’s the best solution to spend an extraordinary and relaxing day with a friend. Our beauty staff is always helpful to inform you about the correct use of the wellness centre and about the beauty treatments benefits that could be tailor made for you!!

  • Prices

    In the page dedicated to prices, you will find all the information about the Pineta Hotels price list: chalets, suites, rooms, beauty treatment….
    If you are looking for a last minute offer, don’t hesitate to visit the “Offer” section

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Relaxing massage? It’s just the beginning…

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